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April 22, 2016

Hi beautiful friends! HAPPY EARTH DAY! I'm back again, sharing my tips for cloth diapering with Charlie Banana! I love this post that Charlie Banana shared on their Facebook page today. I stated this in my last post about cloth diapering, but one of the main reasons we decided to use cloth on Grace was to reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth. Every single one of us is responsible for doing our best to preserve the planet! Reduce, reuse, recycle, my friends! Mother Earth thanks you. <3

One of the things I had to really adjust after going green, and deciding to cloth diaper was how dressed Grace. Here are some things I changed...


Tip #1 - buy pants that are 1-2 sizes bigger. The shorts above are 18 months, and Grace is only 11 months old, yet they fit her perfectly! I know that seems silly, but Grace's pants never fit after we started up with cloth, so we went shopping and purchased a few more pants/shorts for her in the sizes that actually fit with her diapers.

Tip #2 - Use the pockets as a swim cover! Charlie Banana makes some super cute swim covers, if your'e in the market, but I've also used the pockets without an insert as a swim cover, and it's been great for the Summer months!
Tip #3 - This one is for girls! You can use your diaper as a cute "under dress" cover rather than the silly bloomer things that come with the outfit you purchase. I love that Charlie Banana has super cute prints and colors so you can make sure that every diaper accents an outfit! Since you aren't going to be using disposables, there's no need to hide the ugly, white, papery diaper under a babe's dress! The bloomers are just another thing to get in the way during diaper changes!


In my experience and conversations, there are A TON of people who are terrified of cloth diapering for one tiny reason... they don't want to use them out and about. My friends, allow me to introduce to you to this gamechanger.... THE WET BAG!

It's so simple. A wet bag is a small, lined, cloth bag that you use to store dirty diapers in until you get home and can either rinse them out, or put them in your larger wet bag at home! It can hold 3-4 diapers at a time, and is also great for storing wet clothes! If baby was at swim lessons, you can put their swimsuit in there as well. It holds in all moisture, odors, etc, and is pretty much the best invention ever! I have several wet bags in my car! I promise you, cloth diapering isn't as scary as it sounds when you are out enjoying the world.

Just always be sure to carry around extra diapers in your diaper bag (I have the inserts already put in for times like this!) so you aren't ever stuck without a diaper to put on your babe! (This could obviously happen with disposables too!)

I hope that you guys have learned some new info about cloth diapering after reading this post! I was soooo terrified to start researching it since some think it's rather intense, but I honestly love not contributing to a landfill, and reusing these gorgeous, cozy diapers each day on my babe's bum!

Please leave any questions you have in the comments, and I will be sure answer them in my next post! Also, don't forget to follow Charlie Banana on Instagram, and on like them on Facebook to get some info on their latest, cute prints!


*This post contains Charlie Banana products sent to me free of charge to help with this post, however, as always, all opinions and content are my own!


  1. Great tips! I cloth diaper my 11 month old and I size way up too (he's also a big baby!) especially with non stretchy bottoms like jeans. Although then when I use disposables (if we're gone for more than a couple nights) his pants are kinda big haha My favourites are the organic cotton leggings from H&M! They are so soft and hold their shape really well while still being super stretchy.

  2. Love it! I do the same thing with my 8month girl.

    Yulissa @ Sequins and Tulle


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