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April 24, 2016

Hi ladies! I'm super excited to be continuing the Beauty Series with a post on my Everyday Makeup routine! After having my baby I decided to make a bit of a change to my beauty regime! I wanted to a) find products that were cheaper than the high end ones I was buying [hello mom budget] and b) find products that had a minimal amount of toxic chemicals.

Keep reading to learn all about the makeup products I've been using on my face! Also, be sure to check out my homemade 3 ingredient deodorant post from a couple weeks ago!

CC Cream
For my SAHM days, I use a CC cream in place of a foundation, and I've been loving it! It's lightweight, airy, but offers a good amount of coverage. It also layers nicely so I don't have to stress about a 'cakey' look. I can't stand cakey foundation. I have been using this Physician's Formula Organic Wear CC cream! It's very budget-friendly at a price point of under $10!

Loose Mineral Powder: 
Some women don't use a powder, but I find that it gives me a great matte finish over my CC cream, so I've been using the Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Loose Powder. On days that I don't do a full face of makeup I will use just this and a bit of blush! This is under $15.

I've actually been using a loose powder blush, and it's so shimmery, I love it! This is the Jane Iredale Amazing Base powder. Anything that gives my cheeks a bit of color is needed since I don't really have a cute, natural flush like some ladies do!

I use the Ulta Brow pencil for my eyebrows. It's under $10, and since I never feel like I have makeup on unless my brows are done it's a must!

I actually don't wear mascara (I have eyelash extensions!) or eyeshadow on days that I'm in my SAHM makeup uniform, but if I do wear eyeshadow, I use this Jane Iredale one! I would probably wear this Jane Iredale 'longest lash' mascara, and this Jane Iredale jelly jar gel eyeliner if I wore mascara/eyeliner, but even when I dress up I don't wear them! The jelly eyeliner is nice though - you apply it with a brush and it gives you a super gorgeous, defined Adele-esque look!

For tired mom eyes, I utilize a great concealer, like this one here!
I hope you loved this post! Leave some more beauty post ideas in the comments! I really like sharing all of this fun stuff! I would love to film a video on YouTube about it someday soon!


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