Black and Blue

May 10, 2015

Sharing one of my final maternity looks today in this Wendy Bellissimo for Motherhood Maternity top! The off the shoulder look offers a sassy characteristic to my otherwise pretty simple (yet super comfortable) outfit! Who's ready for some non-maternity looks, ladies?! I know I am.. bear with me. They're coming soon. I promise... Have I mentioned that I bought like eight #LILLYFORTARGET items that I haven't even been able to wear yet?! I'm dying to get them out!


  1. You look great, the blue is such a pretty colour and that bag is gorgeous! I can imagine you are going to love wearing your favourite clothes again, plus you have your whole wardrobe to rediscover :)

  2. Great outfit! It is fun to wear some of your old (and new) favorites again but don't be too hard on yourself! It takes time :)

  3. That top is to die for! Blue looks so pretty on you, and I love the blue and gold color combo.


  4. you look great!

    xx nikki

  5. You look beautiful. That top is stellar!


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