How I Get Our Cloth Diapers Clean

February 09, 2017

*Thank you to Persil ProClean for sponsoring and inspiring today's post. As always, all opinions and reviews are my own.
As some of you may have seen in prior posts or on Instagram, we have been using cloth diapers for Gracie since she was six months old! We absolutely love using them, but I'm afraid to admit, that it's taken around a year to perfect our wash routine. I'm sure you can imagine how sensitive, and potentially messy a cloth diaper routine can get, so it's important to have a good method set in place.

One of the things I've learned is that part of a good cloth diaper wash method is having a powerful detergent! Cloth diapers are exposed to all kinds of crazy germs and smells. Some moms have to deal with things like yeast and mold if they aren't careful and have a good, preventative wash routine in place. For this reason, I am pretty religious about making sure I do these three things.

1. Wash cloth diapers at least twice a week.
Depending on your stash size, you may want to wash more frequently, but at this point we get a away with twice a week. When our dirty diaper bin is full, we wash, whether or not we've used the whole stash. It honestly keeps the whole house smelling better, haha.

2. Utilize an exceptional detergent. 
In the beginning, I tried several detergents. I even tried to make my own at home once; that was a disaster. I just could not figure out how to make Gracie's cloth to stop smelling bad. Then I figured it out...there are just some things you must succumb to, one of those is the power of a good detergent. Persil ProClean has a 2-in-1 pro-lift cleaning power that I think really aids in getting those diapers squeaky clean. I haven't had any smell issues since I started using it! I picked it up for a great price (using this $2 off coupon) at Walmart.

3. Know your washer settings; they are different for everyone.
For someone who has never used cloth before, it's so overwhelming when you go to wash them for the first time. I found this chart from Fluff University to be very helpful. It allows you to look up the model of your washing machine and adjust the settings accordingly. We do a pre-wash with a 1/2 cap of Persil ProClean 2-in-1 detergent, and then a main wash with one capful of the same detergent! It's proven to work very well for us, and the diapers are now smelling super fresh, thankfully. 

Do you use cloth diapers? I'd definitely recommend this Persil ProClean if you're on the hunt for one that gets them smelling fresh and clean! There's also a new Pro10 formula coming soon and it features TEN dimensions of clean! How great does that sound for cloth? Here's a $2 off coupon to pick one up at your nearest Walmart store. Happy washing!

xo. L


  1. Wow, I will definitely try this out!

  2. I know I've told you before we cloth diapered and loved it! Having a safe ready to use detergent makes it that much easier!

  3. Great post girl! I will keep this in mind when I have little ones! xo, Nataly

  4. My father-on-law swears by Perisil!! I want to try it now!!

  5. We use Persil all the time and absolutely love it! It is one of our favorites because it really gets all those crazy baby and toddler stains out.

  6. Wow I've never heard of these! Sounds really cool and I'm glad you've figured out a good way to clean them!

  7. Persil is the best for cloth diapers!!!


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