Nine Things They Don't Tell You About Motherhood

August 28, 2016

There are things you hear over and over when you’re expecting your first child. Phrases like “it goes so fast” and “sleep now, while you still can” are the most popular. But there are certain things that I’ve learned from experience; things I’m starting to think every mom knows, they just don’t talk about as much.

1. It will take you a loooong time to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes again.
When I was 39 weeks pregnant (feeling large and in charge) I fantasized about the things I would wear. The skirts I would rock, the shoes that would fit my giant, swollen feet, and most of all my beloved go-to items that hadn’t fit me for months. I distinctly remember taking my Target shorts (that were a bit big on me pre-pregnancy) and trying to wear them at like 2 weeks postpartum. What a joke! I was so disappointed, but I honestly had no clue that it would take as long as it did for the pounds to shed off (and the water) because let’s be real - those fluids are during labor/delivery are no joke! So, mamas to be, do not fear; you aren’t the only one who can’t fit into your daisy dukes anymore. Soon enough, young grasshopper.

2. Your food is never again your own.
This is one that I had heard about briefly, but I always thought of it as a joke. I thought that maybe when my children were school-age, I’d have to share my cookies with them, or obviously make sure they eat plenty even if that means taking food off of my plate if they are still hungry, but no, no, no. This starts around 6-9 months, depending on when your baby starts eating solids. From then on - especially if you do Baby Led Weaning, food is no longer solely yours to enjoy. I mean, I could “teach” little G that she can’t eat the food off of my plate, but I choose not to because how mean would that look? “I’m going to eat this food, and you have that food, even though what I’m eating is absolutely delicious.” Haha! Luckily, we both eat a pretty healthy diet, but I’ve definitely shared my lemon sorbet with her a few times because I couldn’t resist her cute little face!

3. Other moms will eye your baby gear.
It doesn’t matter where I’m at: Gymboree, Nordstrom, Target, the park, the splash pad. Some moms will congratulate you on your gorgeous baby carrier, or fancy stroller, and others will look at you like you’re trying too hard. Or, on the flip side, people will judge you for not having this brand or that brand car seat. Either way, sometimes the mom world is a rough one. All I can say is try to be as accepting as you possibly can; or just keep your judgey-ness to yourself.

4. You’ll sit in your car for hours just to let your baby sleep.
You guys. This. This right here sums up a good two months of my experience with motherhood. Now that she’s older, G naps at the same time every day. But for a while there, before she turned a year, and wasn’t sure if she wanted one, two, or even three naps a day, I felt like I was sitting in my car. ALL. THE. TIME. I ate food in the car. I brought my lap top and used my hotspot wifi in the car. I read books in my car. I basically lived in my car. I guess I owe it all to the switch from the infant car seat to the convertible car seat, but hey, she outgrew it. What was I supposed to do!?

5. The most random inanimate objects will become go-to toys... (and you’ll wish for them so badly when you don’t have them).
My daughter is obsessed with the spices. You know, the oregano, cumin, cinnamon, paprika? Yeah. Those ones. She actually carries around a cinnamon bottle (it’s empty because I eventually realized the obsession isn’t ending any time soon) and people look at me like I’m insane, or they just chuckle and think it’s cute. I brought the emergency inanimate object with me on our plane ride and it ended up falling out of my diaper bag and onto the middle of the walkway... picture it. You’re on the plane about to land, and you look to your left and spot an empty bottle of cinnamon spice. Ha! Then you see my little one frantic that she dropped her cinnamon. The heart wants wha the hearts wants, am I right?

6. You’ll carry your life around in your car, literally.
In addition to sitting in your car all the time, you’ll likely carry around your whole life with you too.
Things I used to carry with me in my car: my purse, maybe some gum.
Things I now carry with me in my car: wipes, change of clothes, diaper bag, car toys, baby carriers, strollers, extra diaper changing supplies, sippy cups, snacks...the list goes on! But you have to be ready for anything, know what I mean?

 7. You’ll frequent places that are considered a ‘safe-haven’ for when you’re out with your kid(s).
For every mom it’s different. For me, it was Whole Foods. We lived right across the street, there was delicious food, gracious workers, vitamins, make-up, and body products to browse for hours while I tried to get my babe to nap in her carrier. Sometimes it was Target... just somewhere to go that wasn’t the four walls of my living room.

8. You’ll automatically become friends, or at least briefly chat with, with everyone else that has kids.
Many moms march to their own beat, but there are certain things that every mom has in common. I get the “mom nod” often when Grace knocks over a cup at a restaurant, or pulls off ten hangers from the shelves at Nordstrom. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one that goes through these things.

9. You’ll simultaneously long for the past and anticipate the future.
This one is tough. I lie awake at night probably 5 nights out of the week and stare at pictures of G when she was a newborn, or four months old. I’ll watch videos of her tiny, little laugh, or reminisce about how short and fuzzy her hair used to be. I am always longing for her to be smaller, but part of me wants to watch her grow, watch her learn to read, and write, and experience life. I’ve never felt such conflicting emotion when thinking of how my baby used to be tiny and how I want her to grow.
The motherhood journey is real. There are serious struggles, and beautifully precious moments. The real beauty is that we can create something in our image. We can sustain and grow a human life, and teach it everything we know about the world. There truly is no greater love than that of a mother.
If you’re a mother, which can you relate to most?

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xo. L


  1. Thats too bad it takes so long to get your body back, I think you look amazing. I love your dress

  2. so amazing look ; -))

    i invite to me too

  3. Beautiful pictures! Yes to the toys - my daughter is obsessed with the measure cups and spoons. Why buy toys?? :)

  4. SO true! And I'm literally LOLing about the cinnamon! <3

  5. This is so good! I love the look of your blog, too!

  6. So true! All of it! This is the type of useful info that should be included in pregnancy books!

  7. so pretty ;-))

    i invite to me too

  8. I just love this post!! It is much needed right now! <3


  9. Everything is soooo true. Number 4, I remember those days. Lol.

  10. awe, such a sweet post! So many of those I have already experiences with having sofia as a step-daughter.... especially the food one!


  11. SO much yes to ALL of these!! I loved 6 & 8!! xo

  12. Loved reading this! I'm a long while off having kids but I feel like the more of these posts I read the more prepared I'll be and the less I'll just imagine it all to be this picture perfect experience, haha

  13. Such a cute post! You look amazing mamma!!


  14. I love this post because it's so raw and candid. I don't know if I should look forward to these things, or just wait for them to hit me in the future ;) xx Adaleta Avdic

  15. love your dress! All bullet points are so true!

  16. This is so adorable, love your dress!

    xx Sam |The Heart of the House

  17. You hit the nail on the head with every single thing!! Great post, and of course you look gorgeous!

    xx, Elise

  18. I can pretty much relate to all of these! These photos are beautiful, and I love your dress.

  19. These are so relatable for all moms; it's great! Thanks for sharing this!

    XO, alice / T Y P E N U

  20. This is such a cute post! Even though I'm not a mom yet, I'm going to Pin this as a reminder for when I am! Lol I love your dress too!


  21. So cute! Love this post.

    Dede Raad

  22. I agree with you 100%! Being a mother is such a journey. I could relate to all of these things. Thanks for your post!

  23. I loved this!! Especially can relate to never having food to yourself (it starts so much earlier than you realize!!) and all the time spent in the car.....oh the memories!!!! xx

  24. I love this as a first time mama to be. Thanks for sharing! Especially the part about the clothes. It helps to have realistic expectations.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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