7 Reasons I Won't Wean My Baby From Breastfeeding

August 04, 2016

Happy Friday! Excuse the graininess of this photo, but I legitimately don't have any beautiful breastfeeding photos. I can't wait to finally take some this weekend. I felt that since it's World Breastfeeding Week, it was appropriate to share this article I wrote recently about seven reasons I don't plan to wean G from nursing. 

Breastfeeding has become one of the things I treasure most about motherhood, and some of my most fond memories with G are before, after, or during our nursing sessions. The past 15 months have been pure bliss, and aside from a plugged duct or a couple of sore nipple issues, it's been very rewarding and fruitful.

Do you nurse? If so, for how long? Did you baby self-wean?

Check out Why I Will Not Be Weaning My Baby From Breastfeeding
by Larissa | Living in Color at Mode


  1. Love this!! I nursed two of my babies until they were just over 4! Lots of people though I was nuts!! I never really planned to nurse that long but I found it so rewarding as well and ka comforting for the toddler stage when they are emotional and can't always explain was wrong! Still nursing my two year old too! Have a great weekend!

    1. Dang, Rosemary! You're a rock star! I really hope I can make it to four! You are so amazing for doing that - yes the toddler stage is definitely wild these days haha.

  2. What are the 7 reasons? This post is only 5 sentences, and there is no link to any other article.

    1. Hi Lee!

      There is an article (that I wrote) listed below all the text... you may have to wait for the page to load all the way but it's definitely there :) hop you enjoy! Are you currently nursing? :)

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