Beauty Series | 3 Ingredient Homemade Deoderant

March 29, 2016

Hi beauties! Welcome to a new series on Living in Color! I'll be sharing all of my beauty tips ;) I shared this recipe for 3 ingredient homemade deodorant on Snapchat last week and had quite a few screenshots so I thought I would share on the blog as well as part of the new beauty series. It's kind of a random beauty product that not many of us chat about, but let's be honest, no one likes to smell bad! So, if you're interested in a super economical, chemical-free alternative to deodorant, read on! If not, then go ahead and scroll to the next post where I feature a super cute outfit!

Tip: I stored my homemade deodorant in a glass jar I bought at Whole Foods for super cheap! Since I used a drop or two of essential oil for the scent, I wanted to store it in glass, but if you don't use any essential oils in yours, you can store it in a plastic container too!
The graphic above says it all, you guys! It's SO simple to make your own deodorant! This isn't something that I ever thought I'd do, but I've never been so in love with the simplicity of it all haha. I don't know if it was postpartum hormones or what, but I tried 5+ deodorants (Toms, Adama Clay, etc.) before finally researching natural methods. Nothing was working and I had to reapply my deodorant like 3 times a day, and I still had wetness near my underarms. All I wanted was to feel DRY! 

How to Make It:
Enter this amazing concoction. Baking soda is an odor neutralizer, and coconut oil has drying properties, so they're pretty much a match made in heaven if mixed together! The arrowroot powder doesn't have a purpose other than to thicken up the other two ingredients to make it more 'stick' like. My 1 tbs made it a pretty creamy yet thick consistency but if you want it thicker, just add more arrowroot powder.

If you're wondering where to get arrowroot powder, you can find it in the bulk section of many grocery stores! Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, or Natural Grocer to name a few!

Tip: I put it on at night because the coconut oil can be a bit, well... oily haha, so I prefer to put it on at night and I DON'T HAVE TO REAPPLY in the morning, and I literally have NO scent! It's so remarkable.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on natural deodorant below - I tell you guys, I've been using this for a little over a month and it's been LIFE CHANGING. Like I said above, I have no scent, and that's saying a lot for this breastfeeding, 10 months postpartum mama with (still) raging hormones. haha. Let me know if you have any questions at all!


  1. Yes! This is awesome. I make my own too. I prefer to use 1/2 part baking soda and 1/2 part corn starch. I don't put coconut oil in it It's just a powder.

    Xo Azu

  2. Oh wow. What an interesting idea. I never would have thought to try something like this!

  3. I am so going to try this! I have been using natural deodorant from Lush for a year now, but I've been interested in making my own. Even with Lush, I do have to apply day and night, which isn't terrible, but if this works I can save some cash and reapply less. Thanks for sharing!


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