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October 05, 2015

Hi loves! Happy Monday. This past weekend I made a huge discovery about myself. My style is slowly evolving... in becoming a mother I have evolved into someone who wore dresses almost every single day, and hated jeans (they were uncomfortable to be honest) to someone who basically lives in denim and tees. Basics have become my go-to's, and not only that, but I've found that my personal taste is evolving into a more 'bohemian' feel if you will. I love anything loose, flowy and easy to lift up (nursing mama over here!) During this amazing discovery on a shopping trip, I found myself gravitating towards knit dusters and I AM OBSESSED. I bought two this past weekend, and already have two more in mind that I plan on picking up at some point this Fall. Dusters are super on trend right now, and comfortable yet they look chic with a simple t-shirt! Win-win, if you ask me. I've linked to a few of my favorite dusters above that are under $30 right now ;) If you pick one up, let me know!

Now, let's talk about this Ellington Handbags tote, because seriously, have you seen anything more gorgeous?! This leather tote is super giant, but not big enough to where I feel like I'm lugging around a suitcase. It's lightweight and has the option of carrying cross-body or with shoulder straps! It has pockets galore, and even fits my laptop if I feel like bringing it with me. It's the perfect bag for work or play, and for you mamas out there - this doubles as a stylish purse and amazingly functional diaper bag! 


  1. Great casual outfit! I like your cardigan very much. :)

  2. Those Nastygal sunnies are super cute -- great Prada dupes. Loving your great, casual look against that fun backdrop.

  3. Does that Ellington hold its shape when you put it down? How floppy is it?


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