Beat the Heat

August 17, 2015

Hi loves! I've been trying to beat the heat lately with comfy tees and flirty skirts. In fact, I'm pretty sure I wore this skirt twice last week. I found three skirts exactly like this one and they're all under $15! The great thing about this skirt is that it can be worn in the Summer, and in the Fall! It serves as a fabulous transition piece. 

I live in a place where the sun is literally always out, so when I recently found out about DITTO and their Endless Eyewear program, I was hooked! I'm going to be honest, I love the style of designer sunglasses, but I don't love the price (and neither does my husband or my wallet) haha so I enrolled in the DITTO Endless Eyewear program. You can get designer sunglasses shipped to your house, and wear them for a  month, try them out on your face to see if the shape works for you (everyone's face shape is different!) then return them for a brand new pair once you're ready for new ones! It's only $19 a month too. That's nothing compared to the 300-400 that you'll have to spend for designer sunnies. These Karen Walker sunglasses are amazing, and I'm excited because next I get to try out some Prada ones! There are so many brands, so you should definitely check it out! If you aren't convinced, use this code to try the program out absolutely FREE for a month: LIVINGINCOLOR.


  1. Such a cute outfit. Love the booties and your bag!

    xo Azu

  2. Fantastic skirt and top! You're look gorgeous!!

  3. Trying to beat the heat here in AZ! Great casual outfit!

    Stylista Fitness

  4. nice photos!! ;-)

    i invite to me too

  5. Love this look! I so wish I'd picked up those booties during the Nordstrom sale--they are too cute!

    Kelsey @aslolife

  6. This is such a cute look! I love the pale blue color of the stripes on the shirt (it's unique!) and your arm party is perfection! You are so great and mix and matching jewelry!

    Also, thank you SO MUCH for letting us know that TB bag is back in stock! I have been waiting to grab it!

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  7. Love the outfit, with a hint of Fall in the colors. I'm not ready to give up on summer yet so this is the best of both worlds. Your hair is super cute too! XX

  8. Those sunnies look so good on you and I love the color of this skirt!!! Your braid looks amazing too, as usual! Hope you are having a good week so far!
    xoxo Danielle
    For the Love of Leopard

  9. You look lovely!! I adore your boots, and your hair looks stunning!!:)X


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