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January 03, 2017

It took us awhile but one of the most important things to us during the process to 'green' and detoxify our home was our mattress. If you think about it, you spend an average of 56 hours per week (at least) using that thing - it needs to be a good one. I did a lot of research when looking for our mattress that we currently have thanks to Tuft & Needle, so I wanted to share my findings!

Mattresses are typically super marked up.
Some mattresses can be marked up 6-12 times past what they're worth. This is true for many furniture stores, but mattresses especially. Sales people need to make commission and storefronts have to meet rent, so you have an increase in price when the mattress itself isn't worth nearly what you pay.

The materials most mattresses are made of aren't ideal.
You can read tons more about this here, but some mattresses are made of latex (which isn't ideal and pretty outdated), memory foam (which results in hotter sleep at night because you sink into it), springs (which aren't supportive at all) I mean really when have you laid on a spring mattress and thought, "man I'm super comfortable right now" ha! Lastly some mattresses are made of egg-crate foam which I've personally never felt was comfortable and apparently you're paying for a mattress yet getting 50% less material! So silly.

Layers = glue = chemicals.
No, this isn't a math lesson, it's just common sense. The mattresses that have layers of materials are glued together with adhesive that gives off chemicals and also reduces airflow.

Buying online > Buying in store.
More math, I know... I hate equations, not sure why I'm using them, but really. The reason I prefer to buy online is that you can get it much cheaper. You basically cut out the middle man and reduce emissions and transportation as well, which helps our environment! I'm all for anything that is sustainable! Also, many mattresses are made outside of the U.S. which means we have to import the materials before even transporting them to the location where they're sold.

My solution?

We've had our mattress for around 60 days now. Tuft & Needle sent it to me to review for you, and to be completely honest I've wanted to really use it and sleep on it before writing this review. I never endorse products that I don't fully believe in or use myself. It's important to me to be honest and transparent with you.

I love Tuft & Needle for the following reasons:

1. Their mattresses are made in the U.S. and shipped to you directly.
2. Their products have less glue and adhesives so you don't have to breathe in as many toxins.
3. There are only two layers of materials in their mattresses versus the typical 4+.
4. Their products are SUPER fairly priced.
5. They give back to the community. Mattresses that are returned to them are donated to local non-profits.
6. They have a 100 Night Trial program! Read more about that here!
9. Tuft & Needle uses a NATURAL flame retardant. This is a huge one for me.
10. They're environmentally friendly, as they are made in the U.S. and shipped directly to the residence vs. additional transportation to stores and importations, etc.

1. Buy one that's manufactured in the U.S.
2. Find a material that is breathable and less than 4 layers.
3. Find a company that delivers to your door vs. trying it out in store.
4. Try to find one that emits the least amount of chemicals.
5. Do your research and shop around for a fair price.

Thank you so much for reading!

xo. L


  1. I never thought how much time we spend in our beds. It took me 2 months before I found my right one. They are super expensive and most aren't really any special.
    Btw how cute is the photoshoot!


  2. I love our Tuft & Needle mattress, we have been having amazing nights sleeps!


  3. A nice mattress makes all the difference! I've heard great things about this one!

  4. Wish I would have known about these things when I bought ours two years ago! Such great tips, I am going to be looking into these mattresses!

  5. I'm remodeling my house and could use a brand new mattress for the guest. I am definitely going to look into the tuft and needle brand!

    Meghan | beyondbasicblog.com

  6. Yes! My boyfriend and I just went mattress shopping for his bed at his house and I never realized how hard it was! Definitely need a lot of things to take in. This was a great post though!


  7. Such cute photos! I have heard nothing, but great things about Tuft & Needle, definitely a brand I want to remember when it's time to by a new mattress.

    Clothes & Quotes

  8. This is all so informative! We are in the market for a new mattress... So I will definitely be using your tips!

  9. I have been trying to weed out the items we use with chemicals in them. I never even thought about all of the chemicals in our mattresses. How scary! Thank you for sharing!

    xo Trista | www.shopaholicandababy.com

  10. Yes yes YES to buying online! :) We recently had our mattress shipped to us! It's fantastic!

  11. I probably need to get mattresses for my kids in the near future, so this was super helpful. Thanks! And I love how the Tuft & Needle mattresses are so green-friendly, too!

  12. Oh my gosh, we are in need of a new mattress but I so nervous about getting another one! It's kind of hard when you're used to what you have and it's "worn in", you know? Although it's starting to get too worn in, lol. I have heard so many good things about Tuft and Needle though, maybe I need to look into them more!

  13. I have a similar mattress & I totally agree on all your points... especially online vs in store! I always feel pressured in store!

  14. This mattress sounds amazing! I love that is 'green'!

    Mindy II amixofmin.com

  15. Great tips!! I'm actually in the market to get a new mattress so I will definitely be taking these in to account!

  16. Awesome tips! I've never thought about buying a matteress online, but I guess now you can buy anything online!

  17. I had no idea that mattresses could emit chemicals! What?! Thanks for sharing these tips!
    PS - OMG you and your daughter are the cutest!

    xo Sara | http://www.saramagnolia.com

  18. This is so helpful! Thank you! I hate shopping for a new mattress and we need one very soon!

  19. Great information here! We are due for a new mattress and I'll be keeping these things in mind as we beginning looking for one. Sounds like I need to start at Tuft & Needle!!

  20. Such great tips babe! Love that headboard!

  21. I'm about to buy a new mattress!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with me - will likely buy from them!

  22. Mattresses are SO important!!! One of the most important things in life!!

    Jenna from www.visionsofvogue.com

  23. Investing in a new mattress was such a good move for us! Next up is our guest room!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  24. I need a new mattress so bad! This one sounds great!

    xo Lacey

  25. Oh wow! You are SO insanely adorable and this post is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.


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