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August 18, 2016

Baby G is obsessed with the outdoors. I mean obsessed. She's constantly looking out our living room and bedroom windows wondering when the next time we'll play outside is! Since it's so ridiculously hot in the daytime, we do lots of evening walks. Our mail box is one of those community ones, so everyone in our neighborhood goes to the same spot to check their mail. Checking the mail in the evenings has kind of become our new favorite thing.
For us it means something simple, like checking our mail to see what's in there, but to Grace it's a whole adventure from the very second we grab the mail key! She knows exactly where the key is kept: by the garage door, and knows that she gets to hold it. We put on our shoes, and go out to the garage where her smarTrike sits. She immediately sees it and giggles with joy. It's literally the cutest thing to watch her recognize familiar things. We get her all set up, and start walking the neighborhood. I love that the smarTrike is easy to steer, and she thinks she is steering and pedaling by herself!

There are actually four stages, so, you start by pushing them, but then they gradually don't need your assistance, the older they get; eventually the child can use it as a trike to explore on their own! I do, however, like that it gives her the confidence she will need someday when her daddy teaches her how to ride it on her own! 
During our walk to the mailbox, G sees all kinds of things! From the friendly neighborhood dogs, to the trees blowing in the wind, and other kids playing outside, she is exposed to so much in such a short amount of time. No wonder she looks forward to these walks each evening! I think she likes being low to the ground too, in her smarTrike because I'm usually carrying her everywhere, and it offers the world to her at a different perspective! 

On our way back home from the mailbox, G either holds the mail or we store it in the bag on the smarTrike so we don't have to carry it, which is super convenient.

Every time someone asks what they should get their little one for their first birthday, I tell them to get a smarTrike! There are tons of colors and styles for each kid and they pretty much double as a stroller in the beginning! My good friend takes hers everywhere, from the mall to the museum, to the coffee shop - her little one prefers her trike. We use ours for small trips too, but our simple evening walks are such a highlight for our little family.

What's one thing you and your family like to do together each day?

xo. L
*Thanks to smarTrike for sponsoring today's post.


  1. I need one of those! Addie loves the outdoors too! Her favorite thing is to check the mail, so we always ride her push car there but this would be fun too!

  2. This is so cute! I'll definitely be getting one of these when my little one gets bigger!

  3. Omg my 1yo izah would love this! That pink is amazing!

  4. Our walk to the mailbox is sometimes the big exploration for the day, too. This is such a neat bike for all the reasons you mentioned, and I just love seeing her excitement about it!


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