What We Eat | Vol. 2

July 12, 2016

Hi everyone! I'm back sharing my favorite vegan recipes as of late. I've been super into avocado toast variations, delicious and filling breakfasts, and ways to fill in our diet with only plants and less processed foods. (Eating processed food is so easy to do when you're vegan, as soy and dairy alternatives are a super big market-- I do eat these things, but try to limit myself as much as possible!)
Lunch: variation of avocado on toast... Dave's bread, hummus, avocado, hemp hearts, sun-dried tomato.
Lunch: guac, baby cucumbers, red peppers, and hummus.
 Dinner: Delicious taco wraps with faux lentil and walnut meat (homemade) these are husband approved! Recipe here!
 Breakfast: homemade blueberry chia seed jam. This literally took me 5 minutes to make and it's such a creative way to enjoy fruit for breakfast, or even dessert! Recipe here.
 Gracie's dinner: (I get lots of questions about what a vegan babe eats... here is part of her dinner) She had a giant bowl of cucumbers, then some whole wheat tortilla, hummus with hemp hearts, black beans, and sweet/yukon gold potatoes steamed.
Dinner: Indian lentils over quinoa and naan bread! I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this recipe! I'll come back and link it soon haha.
 Summer pool snack: guac, hummus, lentil tortilla chips, peppers, baby cucumbers (Gracie ate the same thing!)
Breakfast: Vegan overnight oats with fresh ground nut butter, dates, and mango. Recipe here!

I hope you enjoyed these recipes! They've been total staples in my house. I think I'll share how and why I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle soon, I've had tons of questions about it on Snapchat (LivingInColorL).

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xo. L


  1. Everything looks so yummy! I recently got into hemp hearts and love them on my salads! I have to try some of these snacks. I run or of ideas and make the same thing over and over. Have you made chia pudding for Grace? It's Penny's fav breakfast and snack with berries in it. I like to make it at night and have it ready for breakfast

  2. Wow...I had no idea you were vegan! That makes me happy. I am too :) I've been vegan for almost two years now...I freaking love it. I usually eat tons of fruit for breakfast and lunch. Especially right now with all the delicious summer fruit.

    I wish I knew more vegans lol. And thanks for sharing this. I'd love to see where you got that Indian lentil recipe. I loooove Indian food.

    xo Azu


  3. I was just thinking to myself, I wish she would post about what she eats and her decision to go vegan. I've been thinking about it a lot lately and am so curious about what people eat. We got to try vegan restaurants while on our CA trip, and I loved it. Looking forward to your next post!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. Totally supportive of folks who go vegan, but I always wonder "how do you stay full?" If I don't eat anything with protein for breakfast especially, I'm hungry within an hour.


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