Five Free Things To Do With Your Family On The Weekend

May 26, 2016

It's no secret that couples with kids don't have a ton of disposable income, at least not us! We do our best to take a few vacations a year, when we can, but honestly we do lots of free stuff around our city on the weekends. We've learned that getting out of the house is really the only way to do it when you have littles. But who can afford to pay for an outing every time they leave the house? Not us, friends. Here are five free things you can do this weekend with your kiddos!
Have a picnic at the park by a lake
Be sure to bring some rolled oats for the ducks to munch on! Gracie and I go to the park a couple of times a week. I always pack a little picnic of snacks, and she loves to just sit and watch the birds or listen to the ducks chirp. Sometimes we get lucky, and a dog walks by haha. Oh, the little things. You'd think it would be boring, but I get giddy at the idea of her enjoying something!
Go on a nature hike, or walk.
I put Grace on my back in a woven wrap, or Tula and she, my husband and I walk around the nature centers in our city. There are such beautiful areas to see, and animals to watch. The exercise is good for the adults too!
Host a family game night. 
With little ones this may be reading books and doing baby puzzles. With bigger kiddos, it could be playing Candyland or Monopoly. Anything that doesn't involve screen time is fun every once in a while!
Try out geocaching.
A friend of mine loves going geocaching with her family! It sounds like such a fun thing to do. You can even get your kids super into it by creating a "treasure map" before you go! Check out this darling craft to do beforehand.
Take a field trip. 
Fire station tours are usually free, and kids go crazy for stuff like that! My Kindergarten students loved going to the fire stations and seeing the firemen's uniforms. Man, when the fire truck pulled in with the sirens... they just lost it!

It doesn't take much to impress kids, but as adults I feel like it's my and J's responsibility to teach Grace everything we know, and even the things we don't. That's why experience and observation are key in all of these outings. Children are learning even when we assume they're just having fun.
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Enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend, if you have off!

xo. L


  1. Going out for a walk and a family game night are some of my favourite things to do together over the weekend! I like your both rompers, they're super cute!

  2. Great ideas for family fun! Your pictures with your daughter is so pretty!

  3. I love this! It can seriously get soooo expensive. I think walks are seriously underestimated!

    Emmy Jake NYC

  4. Oh I love this, perfect post! I just wrote something a little similar, wish I had seen this first!

    Kiki Crabapple


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