All About Lash Extensions

February 02, 2016

Hi ladies! Thanks for visiting the blog today for a bit of an unconventional post! I'm no beauty blogger, but you all know that I'm a total sucker for a full, voluminous set of lashes! As you may know, I've been sporting eyelash extensions for almost two years now! I was so nervous to try them back in May 2014, but I am super glad I did because I've been a total addict since.

I can't remember what inspired me to go get mine done, other than being super unhappy with my short, stubby lashes. I have super caved in eyelids too, so if I wear eyeshadow you don't see it. (It's a hereditary thing, thank you, genes.) Anyway, I adore how long and luscious my lashes look now!

As a new mama, getting ready can sometimes be rushed, so I always feel "put together" somewhat with my lash extensions, plus it has tremendously shortened my makeup routine as I don't wear eye makeup at all. So, here's all I have to tell you about my lashes!
What You Need to Know
Lash extensions are not bad for your eyelashes. I've had mine for two years, and my natural lashes are not gone, they are exactly the same, and very strong/healthy. Your natural lashes go through monthly cycles of growing in, then falling out, much like your hair, so an eyelash extension is merely a small, single lash that is applied at the base of your natural lash with some super strong glue!

Lash Lingo
Full Set - a brand new set of lashes (your first time going, you'll get a full set)
Fill - the lash artist will fill in the lashes that fall out

Your First Time
You'll need to schedule an appointment with a local lash artist, and typically they'll explain the first time procedures, but in my experience, I showed (makeup free) up for a quick consultation before getting my lashes. This helped us decide which length was best for me! (I get 14's if you're wondering!) You definitely don't want to have any eye makeup on for your first appointment. 

Make sure you shower the night before too, as you cannot shower within 24 hours of having your lashes done because the glue is still sealing! You'll get a full set your first time, and although pricey you won't pay that again, don't worry ;) First appointments typically last anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the lash artist!

Maintenance Each Month 
I get my lashes filled every 4-5 weeks, but some women go as soon as 2-3 weeks. Everyone is different, and it depends on your lash artist's preference. 

Your lashes will naturally fall out one by one (which means the lash extension will fall out too!) so you have to keep going back and adding extensions to the new lashes you accumulate! Some months my lashes are super full still when I go back to my lash artist, and other months, one eye will have like 5 lashes left, ah! I always leave my fill appointments feeling so much better! 

Fills are typically about 30 minutes to an hour long depending on your lash artist, and they will cost less than the full set you get at your first appointment. Same rules apply as the first appointment... don't wear eye makeup to your fill appointment, and make sure to shower before you go because you can't wash your hair until 24 hours after your appointment to let the glue dry fully.

Cleaning/Caring For Your Lash Extensions
Do not use oil based makeup remover. I use organic makeup remover/facewash products so they are very gentle on my face, and my lashes. It helps that I wear zero eye makeup, so my lashes don't really get messed with too much, even when I'm washing my face.

To keep them clean, I just use a small sponge and dab underneath them and over them too, you don't want any buildup from foundation or anything. You can also use a q-tip to clean between lashes, just be careful because the cotton can pull on the end of the lash, so you have to be very gentle! Like I said, I've had lash extensions for two years, and no problems, so don't fret about the maintenance!

Here's a "before" shot of me without any lash extensions, and then an "after" shot after a full set! I have zero makeup on in either photo!
I really hope you enjoyed this post! I looooove talking all things lashes because they really have made my life so much easier/better. I kid you not, every time we go somewhere (Target, dinner, grocery shopping) I get stopped and people will ask me, "are those your REAL lashes?" and I have to answer, no, haha but they look so natural, and that's what i love most about them. 

Also, if you're local to me, my lash lady, Kendra is seriously the I ADORE this girl. Please check out her Instagram here @lashoutbeautymua, she has lots of gorgeous pics of her work! Contact me if you want her phone number for a lash consultation! 

Have any more questions? Leave them in the comments below and I'll email you back AND update the post for future readers! xoxo.


  1. I've had my lash extensions for a little over a year now and totally agree that I could not live without them. They are seriously the best. Your talking points and facts are spot on. They look gorgeous on you!!!
    Carylee |

  2. They look so fabulous!! I just can't justify the extra expense! :(


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