Baby Essentials With Summer Infant

October 19, 2015

Hi loves! Thanks for visiting the blog today! This post is for my new and expecting mama friends! I have learned SO much about mama essentials and great products since becoming a mom and I really want to share my knowledge ;) I know when I was expecting little Gracie I did sooo much research!

The first thing I want to share is what I've been doing to help Grace stay warm (and safe) at night. I am so paranoid about SIDS, but Grace sleeps much better in her own room away from me so that she doesn't smell me haha. If she smells me, she wakes up! (TIP: Moms whose babies wake up all the time, try letting them sleep a little farther away and see if it works! You'd be surprised!) Anyway, during the summer I used to let Grace sleep in only a onesie and socks. We would swaddle her too when she was little, but now that the winter months are upon us, I've started putting her in sleepers. We don't swaddle anymore since she rolls over, but I still want her to be warm! I loved my sleepsack, but honestly it was way too much fabric. I was so happy to find these Summer Infant SwaddleMe wearable wiggle blankets because her little arms fit through and it zips right up over her sleeper! The fabric is lightweight so it can go over her sleepers and I don't have to worry about her getting too hot (another risk for SIDS) Plus, these prints are just darling :)

As mamas, we have so much to worry about and keep track of, so knowing baby sleeps okay is crossing a biiiig worry off of that list ;) If you decide to try one out, let me know! I'd love to hear about your experience with the wearable blankets!

Another product that I just can't live without is some sort of carrier, ring sling, or woven wrap. Grace loves to be held, but I also love to do dishes, housework, and even have conference calls, but when she's fussy, I cannot get anything done. So, the wraps and carriers save the day! Below I've highlighted two of my favorite wraps lately. I used my Happy Baby Wrap when Grace was a newborn, but I recently discovered that it's amazing for her now even though she's bigger - we've been wrapping with this cute polka dot wrap almost everywhere we go.

I am also excited to try a new form of baby wearing with the ring sling! This Tula ring sling in Love Noir is just gorgeous, and I keep envisioning how great it looks with my Fall wardrobe ;) 

Since Grace is nearing 6 months old, she has started sitting up unassisted! Which means we get to start using her Summer Infant Bentwood high chair! She absolutely loves to see the world from this view because she used to have to lay on her back all the time haha. I find that for a few minutes each day (since she isn't eating solids yet) she can sit in here and watch our dog, watch me do the dishes, play with her toys... I even made her a toy today out of a water bottle and rice. She played with it for like 30 minutes in her high chair! I love watching her learn and explore.

I have an exciting announcement too - Grace will be starting solid food soon, so I plan to document that journey! I'll be making her baby food from scratch, and I can't wait to post about it and share with you what products I needed to do that ;)

Thanks so much for reading and following along. If you have any questions about what I posted or have suggestions for other baby-related posts, please let me know via email or in the comments below! I always read them :)

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