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September 25, 2015

Happy Friday! This post is for all of my new mama followers! Maybe you have six kids, and a newborn, or you are a first time mom, but as a new mama who is always discovering awesome (and helpful) things I feel obligated to share ;) I'm not sure if you are into swaddling, or sleep-training, but my experience is that the swaddle really helped Grace start sleeping through the night at around one month old! I am so fortunate that she was a great sleeper from the start, but I worked really hard on keeping her awake throughout the day and keeping the windows open to show her daylight and starting a bedtime routine for her so she found her schedule very predictable.

The HALO SleepSack Swaddle saved our lives though! For the first few weeks I would swaddle Grace with muslin blankets, which I loved, but I'd wake up throughout the night desperate to check on her and make sure she hadn't wiggled out of her swaddle and pulled her blanket over her face. Everyone told me I would check on her a million times, but I didn't believe them! Ladies, the struggle is real. After we tried out the SleepSack Swaddle, (which has a velcro flap that stays tightly secure all night) I slept so much better. I didn't have to worry about her smothering herself. SIDS is a scary thing (Plus I always kept her sleeping on her back!) The SleepSack is wearable and you can swaddle arms-in or arms-out.

Fast forward three months later and we've got a baby who sleeps 8-10 hours a night and ADORES her swaddle, but now she rolls over! It was time to break her of her swaddling ways, so we starting putting her in her SleepSack with one arm out, and we had to do this for 3 weeks straight before she started sleeping okay with her arms out. Now that she doesn't need her arms swaddled, I figured I'd be okay and could have her sleep in her crib with just her footie pajamas on, but honestly I like how the SleepSack makes her feel snug, and since her arms out it poses no risk. The HALO SleepSack is actually safer because like I said above it's a wearable blanket so the baby can't use her little hands to pull it up throughout the night.

I know sooooo many mamas who use the SleepSack, and love it, so if you are having sleep troubles, or are expecting a baby, make sure to add this to your registry! If you want to hear more about my sleep-training method (a flexible version of Babywise and ideas from French parenting book Bringing up Bebe) go ahead and email me! I love talking all things baby ;) Have a great weekend!

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