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May 15, 2015

Hello! My name is Jessica & I blog over at Here&Now. I started my blog shorter after moving to Nashville to pursue my PhD at Vanderbilt. The guys I worked with in the research lab didn't want to listen to me talk about clothes, so I created my own little community here on the internet. 3 years later, I have now transitioned to being a 7th grade science teacher, & I have a whole new set of wardrobe challenges. 

If you like building a versatile wardrobe, oogling at pugs, or checking out my adventures around Nashville, TN - come visit!
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In my original "Closet Staples" post (almost 3 years ago!), one of the items that made the cut was a pair of quality leather sandals. Since that time I have fooled myself into believing that my cutesy Target sandals fit that description. But I was finding myself throwing the $15 pairs of sandals away at the end of the season (some didn't even last that long!). So this year I made the splurge, shelling out a little bit more for a pair of sandals that were made of actual leather AND super high quality. 

I got these Nisolo sandals just in time to pack them for our recent trip to San Francisco. I wore these on our sightseeing days - & after walking miles of straight up and down hills, I only love them even more!
Better yet, Nisolo is a brand co-founded by a friend from high school. I always knew that Patrick would go on to do great things, but I am constantly blown away by what they are doing at Nisolo! 

From their website:
"We are a team of makers, doers, and storytellers working together to facilitate a healthy connection between consumers and producers in the global marketplace."
This summer, I am going to be living in these sandals, and dreaming of the day I can add these other lovelies to my closet!
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What closet staples top your Summer wish list?
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  1. Sandals season - great choices and hi Jessica!

    Happy Medley

  2. Hey! I am hosting a $100 Visionworks giveaway and would love if you would stop by my blog and enter! Giveaway ends tomorrow!

  3. Loving those sandals! Wish they weren't sold out!


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