What '90s T.V. Shows Taught Me About Parenting

July 25, 2016

I have been writing for Mode.com for a few months now, and wanted to share a few things that I learned about parenting from watching some of my favorite 90's T.V. shows, growing up! CLICK BELOW to read the full article!

What was your favorite show from the 90's?

Check out What I Learned About Parenting From 90's TV Shows
by Larissa Krutewicz | Living in Color at Mode


  1. hands down, my so called life. i still refer to it as my favorite show. one of the things i loved, "of which there were like, many" was how the parents relationship was very real and natural in itself, and in relation to each partner. it wasn't all about the kids. i am seeing alot about mscl recently, i think this calls for a dvd binge!

    1. such a good show! I miss all of 90's tv haha, I think i need a FRIENDS marathon right about now :)

  2. so cute!! :-))


    i invite to me too


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  4. I second My So Called Life. Jared Catalano taught me that kids go to school basically to bump into their crushes (now I am a teacher and i try to remember what it was like to be that age! All I need to do is watch an episode and then I get it. When students approach middle school they could care less what I am saying and more about who is looking at them!)


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