Five Fabulous Dresses For The Modest Mom

May 15, 2016

Since becoming a mother, I've changed in more ways than one. - I didn't expect that this would happen to me, but I have become a bit more modest about the way I dress. When a man - that's not my husband - looks my way, especially when I'm holding Gracie, I kind of shudder, (I'd shudder anyway, because I'm married) but it's just different, and weird. With age, I become more comfortable with being an oldie mother haha, and that's okay!
I am super conscious of the length of my dresses, in particular...when you're chasing around a crawling/almost walking baby everywhere, you can't have a mini skirt on! Here are five of my favorite dresses that won't show your business while wearing them ;)

xo. L


  1. You look enchanting in this dress! :)

  2. Such pretty picks! Can't believe a little guy will be calling me mom soon! Love me some dresses but I'm sure it'll change in style once baby boy is here! Xo

  3. Love these dresses! Having two little ones has definitely made me change almost my entire wardrobe! :)


  4. So beautiful! I want that dress! That is why I wear a lot of Lularoe dresses they hide things haha not too short.

  5. Very pretty picks! That dress looks amazing on you!



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